What is your definition of a hero?

Is it a superhero in a cape with powers to stop bullets, leap over buildings, or stop trains?

Those are lofty aspirations for a hero…

So, I will see if I can put a good definition on what it means to be a hero.

  • A hero is someone who changes someone else’s life in a good way.
  • A hero is someone who has resisted the toughest of life’s challenges and come out on top, a victor over that tough challenge.
  • A hero is someone who inspires others to achieve more with their life. (I consider this similar to the first definition, but not identical.)
  • A hero is a someone who mentors others until they are equipped to change their life, and/or the lives of others.

Considering the first definition, we all know someone who has changed our life in a bad way, but how many of us are familiar with someone who has revolutionized our life in a good way? Which category do you think is the majority?

  • Those who influence your life in a bad way.
  • Those who influence your life in a good way.

Obviously, there are good types of heroes out there. Do we focus on their actions enough? Do we spend more time focusing on the things that people do that have a negative impact?

I’m here to say that those with a positive impact deserve far more attention, even if they are only 1% of the population. Their lives inspire others to live better, to do more, to treat each other better.

Case in point. A nurse adopts a baby girl that was a ward of the state and had no visitors for 5 months. This lady is a hero. That child’s life will never be the same again! It is dramatically changed. In doing so, the lady’s life was also changed dramatically. Heroism permeates and influences others exponentially. All of those lives touched by it are also positively motivated to be a hero as well.

super minion

Be a hero to someone today. You will be one in a minion.

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